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Admissions   Procedures

We want the opportunity to become acquainted with all parents so that we may know you on a more personal level. The Director will set aside time prior to enrollment to discuss the philosophy, curriculum and policies of  East Point Academy. It is also a time to answer any questions that you may have. Parents are invited to make an appointment and tour the school and explore the environment. This process begins the fall prior to when the child would begin school. During the initial conversation and enrollment, an application packet will be given to parents.


Parent tours and a general overview will be held throughout the school year. Our Admissions Team will admit children into the school for the next fall OR place the children on the waiting list. In maintaining good practice with other schools in our market, our Admissions Team will always admit children of siblings that have attended

East Point Academy first before considering new children (if space allows). Families can rely on the fact that their sibling children will be accepted if they are in good financial and ethical standing with the school and if all deadlines are appropriately met.

*Several forms to be completed

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